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Prince Design & Decoration is one of the subsidiaries of Shawamikh Golden Gulf activities, it is based in Muscat – the capital of Sultanate of Oman.
The investment activities of (Shawamikh Golden Gulf ), which were established in (2013), varied between (building and construction contracts, design work , implementation of interior and exterior design, major renovations, additions, processing of various wood products, construction and maintenance of gardens, merchandising and marketing of goods, and commercial business agencies ……)
The administrative and technical staff share the target of the institution, which is meeting the growing market needs by providing high-quality and efficient services, also, through their deep vision of design and implementation methods, supported by a wide network of partnerships in the Arab world.
Over the past years, the ambitious business trip with the governmental and private bodies inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman – was and still – seeking to reach the essence of entrepreneurship and improving the work environment by our creative team, and without doubt this rapid growth of the foundation’s activities would not have been achieved without our belief in the institution’s role in participating in advancing economic development as an added value within the framework of (Oman Vision 2040).

Prince For Design & Decoration

We are specialize in providing the best services of interior and exterior design, finishing and decoration, also, the implementation of residential and commercial real estate projects (apartments, villas, galleries, stores, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, medical centers, and full malls …..).
Our investment experiences prove that the creative touch and the high quality of implementation are the easiest way to introduce the institution, the projects which we supervised their implementation reflect these standards, whether in design , the distribution of lights or color harmony, all this according to dimensions that meet the functional needs of the place with the latest global decorations.
With the endeavor to reach this target, (Prince Design and Decoration) focuses on the activities of supplying , fixing and manufacturing of decoration material ,also the wooden industries, moreover designing ,manufacturing and supplying furniture according to its function and the available space , with the help of skilled designers and technicians with high experience in the latest trends in global decoration and design, at the same time we provide creative solutions, options and suggestions for all projects, taking into consideration two points, money and time , according to a standardized budget and a specific delivery time.

  • Our Vision

    We do our best to be a on the top of the world of design and decoration in the Sultanate and the Arab world, keeping in mind the standards of quality, innovation, accuracy, following the international standards in interior and exterior designs with the smallest details.
  • Our Message

    Providing various models of creative designs, and implementing them in a multicultural environment, with high quality and competitive prices, so that we are always at the required level of confidence (proud to serve you).
  • Our Target

    Being on top of the competition at the local and regional level, by providing the best service to meet the needs of customers, and preparing the work environment for them to become pioneers in their fields, your life with us will be a distinguished life of luxury and sophistication.
  • Our Value

    We commit to the values and ethics necessary for creative work in its essence, represented in (creativity – excellence – commitment – credibility – honesty), through these principles we seek to achieve your dreams in getting creative and charming designs, creating balance and distributing beauty in all corners of the place, paying attention to every detail in the design and implementation, by following all the steps and stages of work in an instant manner.

Why Prince For Design & Decoration

Because we seek a positive image of “Oman, history, present and future”, promoting the contemporary human achievement and highlighting the achievements of the Sultanate (Governor, people and state), we possess a wide range of options, suggestions and solutions that suits all tastes and needs, through this we seek to translate your dreams into reality.

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Other projects in the Middle East :-

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (High-Tech).
  • United Arab Emirates (Red Bull).
  • Lebanon.
  • Egypt (Atomic Energy Authority – New Cairo City).

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